We are writing to notify you that your app, ***, will be removed from the China App Store because it includes content that is illegal in China. As you may know, the government has been tightening regulations associated with VPN applications and since 2015 has required developers to have a license from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). You have not provided a valid license from the MIIT.

In order to return the app for sale in China, please provide us with a valid license. You may find application requirements and forms available on the MIIT website.

Please note that the MIIT only issues licenses to companies based in China. If your company is unable to obtain a license from the MIIT, your app will be made unavailable on the China App Store.

Although your app has been removed from the China App Store, this will not change the availability of your app in any other stores you selected in App Store Connect. Even if you have not selected China as a salable territory in App Store Connect, your app will still be made unavailable on the App Store in China. The TestFlight version of this app will also be unavailable for external and internal testing in China and all public TestFlight links will no longer be functional.

Best regards,